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Why use an Interior Designer?

I wish I could hire myself to finish my own home!

Hiring the right interior designer can save you so much time and money, and also create the look you’ve always dreamed of. Lockdown has really driven home how important our quality of life is and how homes are key to this.

(Before and afters of a job I have worked on.)

For our first meeting I would visit you in your home. We would look at the space and discuss what you are looking to do with the room. Some clients have loads of ideas and only need some guidance, whilst others just don’t know where to start. In either case it is so important to understand the client’s taste and this can be a challenge. To begin with I will always ask clients to show me a couple of photos of rooms they like, Pinterest is a great place to start. This is a great way of finding out where their tastes lie. I also look at what they are wearing, look at other rooms they have decorated (not always possible if they have just moved in) and ask how they will be using the room. All of this will help me design for my client, rather than designing a room around my own taste.

(Before and after - kitchen revamp.)

I have run my own interior business for 25 years and have worked on many many projects over the years of every size and description, old and new. I love the variety of my job and, because each of my clients are individuals, each job is totally different.

After our first meeting my clients come to my office where I present my initial ideas; we then have a working meeting where we pull a look together as we go. We may start with a beautiful fabric that catches their eye, then we will start to work on the rest, bringing in upholstery, paint, flooring etc. It is a lot of fun and I feel it fully involves the client in the process.

I love the way my clients get inspired and excited and that is what I hope to achieve. I feel this is much more personal than just presenting the client with a finished design board.

Once the look is determined I will organise large samples for the client, not the tiny pieces most places offer. I would also then arrange for my contractors to come and quote for any work that needs doing. I can also start sourcing the furniture and accessories if needed, which would be presented on a design board.

I have an excellent team of contractors who realise the design. As well as having to share my perfectionist eye for detail, they also have to be easy to have around. I receive many lovely compliments about their work and I’m happy to have such a great team.

Not only do I prevent any bad design decisions, my clients can also rely on the fact my team is competitive and excellent at their individual trades to provide the finished room. Although I am on hand throughout to arrange and make sure everything runs smoothly.

I mean what’s not to love!

In summary, If you are looking for an interior designer in Harpenden or in the Hertfordshire area, call me on 07799 285706 or complete my booking consultation form. To find out more about my interior design process start following my Instagram account.

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