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How to run a stress-free interior project

This is one of my most important tips for multi-trade projects.

Something I've learned over many years in this business is that no matter how good I am with design, the contractors that deliver the work are equally important and can make or break a project.

My team is crucial to my reputation, and I work very hard in making sure that I only work with talented, reliable and polite contractors. I thoroughly vet potential contractors and if I'm not delighted with the quality of their work, they don't make the team.

I've had terrible experiences with contractors in the past which have helped me to learn this lesson... so now, rather than taking on work with contractors I am not familiar with, I would rather turn the work away or see if the client would like to wait for my usual team. And as a result I often get glowing reviews about them.

A quick shout out to my amazing contractors

I was reminded of how much I appreciate my team and their work recently, when I needed some work doing in my kitchen. My furniture maker Mark came to replace some drawer fronts that I had damaged and then my decorator, Roy, came to paint them and give my kitchen a refresh. He also repaired my kickboard, resealed all my worktops and made enquiries about getting a chip in the worktop repaired.

He left my kitchen sparkling clean and even popped back after work to fit the new knobs I had ordered.

It just really reminded me of how they all go that extra mile to make the client happy.

My guys work so well as a team, they look out for each other and will never leave unnecessary work for the next trade, as it's all about working together. The lovely emails I receive about their work really make me proud of them all and very grateful that they chose to work with me.

So, here's my biggest tip:

My advice for anyone starting a multi trade project is to find a company with a regular team, rather than grabbing any subcontractor who is free at the time. You will end up with a far better and more harmonious job and finish.

And THIS is why:

On projects with unconnected trades, the previous contractors will frequently leave their side of the job messy and unfinished, as they know the next contractor will have to rectify it for them in order to do their part. This happens particularly often with plasterers and electricians, who leave the completion of this part of their work to the decorator, who comes in last and had to make good of everything before they can do their bit.

It can be hard enough to find contractors who are respectful in your home and will go the extra mile to make sure you're happy with every detail, but even harder to find a team that also works well together.

But if you can find a team that works together regularly, it is far more likely that they'll be talented, reliable and work well as a team. This results in the job being done on time, on budget, and with a better finish. So, if you can find a company with a regular team, you should find that they will give you this sort of result too.

If you're thinking about having some work done and would like to enquire about my regular team, click below.

I hope this information helps to reduce stress for you in any upcoming projects you have. It really does make a huge difference knowing that you are working with respectful and hard-working contract

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