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What is virtual interior design and how can it help you?

If you don't fully understand what virtual interior design is or how it works, you're not alone. In reality though the idea is pretty simple and there are actually a lot of reasons why it might be the right choice for you, so read on to find out more about this new-ish interior design concept.

Put simply, virtual interior design is the idea of getting help with your interior project online, without having to meet in person. Virtual design is not a completely new concept, but it has grown and developed tremendously over the last couple of years due to lockdowns, social distancing and the need for design advice without being able to meet in person. So, you might be wondering, how can an interior designer help you style and design your home without actually seeing it?


| Step 1: Meeting

The first thing to understand is that your interior designer WILL see your home, just not in person. Every designer will have their own virtual services on offer, but a good one will always include a virtual meeting where the designer can view your home. In this meeting they'll also learn about your style, requirements and budget, leaving the designer able to make informed decisions and source solutions for your room that will match your style and needs.

Step 2: Planning

The next stage is where your designer puts together plans for your home that fulfil the service you have chosen. A common virtual service is the creation of a design board. This is the virtual service that I offer, but there are a variety of other options out there.

Step 3: Final touches

In the last stage your designer provides you with all the information and solutions they've gathered for you. The end result of virtual design is that the stressful and difficult work is done using your designer's expert knowledge as well as working around your requirements, and you're left with everything you need to carry out your room design by yourself and in your own time.


My personal virtual service is a design board package. Design boards are a way to shop as quickly and straightforwardly as possible - all the excitement of choosing new products without all the stress! They're a service that the majority of my clients ask for because they really can save a huge amount of time and stress.

What's included?

- 1 hour initial call

- 2-3 page design board

- Option of 3 changes

- Shoppable links

- Sample ordering From £250

When designing your home, many people look forward to the "exciting part": once the technical elements are out of the way and you can begin to source items you love and truly make your space personal to you.

The reality though, is that people often find they end up feeling deflated after hours spent searching for the right items without finding anything they're truly happy with.

I've had many clients come to me after this experience, feeling fed up and just not sure where to go next or how to bring their room together.

This is where design boards can be so beneficial, as they allow your designer to source ideas for you. As well as saving you time it can save money overall, as designers usually have incredibly useful knowledge of where to shop. We know where to go for the best quality yet budget friendly items, what furniture and accessories are important, and which pieces you can save money on.

Design boards are virtual or physical boards when interior designers curate images, fabrics, paint colours and other samples to help plan a space. They're a really helpful tool as they allow you to see all your ideas in one place and understand how different furniture, colours and accessories will work together. My design boards include direct links to the items for the simplest shopping experience - all you need to do is choose your items, click and shop.



Location Independence

The first and most obvious benefit is the ability to work with any designer, no matter your location. Which means if you've had your eye on a specific designer whose work you love, but they're too far away for you, you don't have to rule them out.

Throughout the years running my interior design business I've often had to turn down potential clients due to their location. Virtual design means that whether you're just down the road from your interior designer, or on the other side of the country, you can still have help decorating your home. Recently I had a client who had just moved away (and out of my usual work radius), but whose sister had recommended my services. Through my virtual service I was able to take them on as a client anyway, and they were grateful to be able to use an interior designer that came well recommended and they felt confident would do a good job.


A good designer can often save you money overall, but using a virtual service can be an even cheaper way to carry out an interior project. Your designer will help you with planning, and then you're left to complete the work yourself, which can be a cheaper way to complete the project.


Not everyone has hours to spend designing their home, which is a reason a lot of people look for designers in the first place. Choosing virtual design adds another time saving element: once your designer has finalised your plans you can finish the project under your own schedule.


Whilst virtual design is not for everyone (if that's you don't worry, my in-person services aren't going anywhere!), in the right situation it can be really helpful. I hope this has helped you get a better understanding of this new interior design concept. If you do have any questions I'm always happy to help so you can get in contact here or read more about my virtual service here.

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