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Lockdown Fever

So I have been told many times to write a blog, but where on earth would I find the time? I run my own interior design business, have 2 full on teenagers and a needy Cockerpoo. But here I am on day 4 and suddenly our lives have slowed. My phone has stopped ringing, I am still working on current projects but my contractors and suppliers are shutting down so I too will come to a halt. I am not someone who likes having nothing to do, I thrive on being busy and love interacting with people, organising events and inspiring people. The most creative thing I can do at the moment is try to occupy my 17 year old, he has ADHD and hates being cooped up. I too have this condition so the two of us are going stir crazy. My husband and daughter however are positively chilled about the whole thing. Another trait is we are horribly impatient so queuing for ages just to get into the supermarket is not proving easy.

Because so much of my time is about creating beautiful spaces. I am loving the rainbows appearing in the windows creating a splash of colour in the quiet. Everywhere feels surreal and unfriendly, the spacing, the masks, the fear. Yet I was bought to tears by the communal clapping for the NHS last night so know there is warmth behind those doors.

We are scared about our health, our families and our finances but we are all in this thing together and I feel that something positive is happening and that we are becoming more of a community and that the kindness will pull us through.

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