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Garden Styling

Hooray to being able to see friends and family outdoors. We had friends over on Sunday for pizza in the garden and it snowed! Finally, the sun seems to be appearing, so that these meet ups will be more enjoyable. I love having an outdoor living area, where I can chill and entertainment, there is such an abundance of choice now, so that you really can create amazing spaces.

My favourite tip is to add an outdoor rug, this defines your seating area perfectly and gives it that special inviting look. Lighting is also very important to create the mood. I also do recommend string lights and lanterns to create a magical look for when the sun goes down. You could also choose comfy seating that you can relax on. Do think about what makes your home cosy and reflect this in your garden. Ensure there is space to put your drink, cushions and blankets, to snuggle up in when the temperature drops. A beautiful fire pit is also great to keep warm by and toast marshmallows on. I also recommend to choose pots and planters to arrange as you would your home.

Creating an outdoor space can be done on any scale and I have seen some gorgeous styling of balconies, so don’t be put off by lack of space. I have created a garden edit to help inspire you to be creative and go with whatever feels right for you. It is attached below:

In summary, If you are looking for an interior designer in the Harpenden area, email me on or complete my booking consultation form. To find out more about my interior design process start following my Instagram account.

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