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Choosing a Sofa

A sofa is one of the largest and most expensive pieces of furniture that you will buy for your house. It’s no wonder then that people are nervous about making mistakes. Not only does your new sofa have to look good, it has to fit the space, be comfortable and fit into your home for many years without going out of date.

Size is a big consideration, don’t just look at the size of your room but also the height of the ceiling and think about the proportions. I recommend making a full size template of the sofa out of newspaper and laying it out in the room, this will show you how much space it takes up and how much room you will have to walk round it. Think about how many people you want to seat and how you like to sit. Whether you are short or tall will have an impact on what is comfortable. Do you like to put your head back when you sit down? Do you like to sit with your legs curled up? All these things need to be thought about.

If the space feels snug and you wish to create the illusion of more space then choosing a sofa with legs rather than a sofa with a valance will help achieve this.

Think about who shares the space with you, if it is for a family room and you have smaller children, they’re going to grow up! You may like to snuggle with your children when they are young, but this will change as they become teens. They will want their own space so this means another sofa or chair may be useful.

Think about how you can future proof your room, by getting two smaller sofas instead of one large one or look instead at a corner sofa for flexibility as your needs change.

Colour and fabric are also important. Do you want your sofa to be a statement piece or blend into the room? Look at different textures and consider the practicalities. Many companies now offer smart fabrics which have fabric protection built into the fabric, so this is certainly something to consider.

It’s also worth thinking about how your taste may change over time, if you like to change the look of your home it’s better to go for a neutral tone and bring in your colour with cushions and accessories rather than be stuck with a sofa that you dislike after a couple of years.

I do believe it is worth spending a decent amount on a good sofa that will last. A good frame is very important and ideally, I would suggest trying them in a showroom or using a company that’s willing to exchange the furniture if you find it uncomfortable when it arrives.

And if that’s not enough to think about there is also then cushion type and filling. There are many options available and frequently plumping your cushions to give it a softer feel can be beneficial or you could get something that will always look smart with very little effort, for a firmer filling.

With so many options and things to bear in mind it’s no wonder I am often asked to help with sofa choice and fabric. I’m very happy to help with this, so do get in touch if this is something that you would find useful.

In summary, If you are looking for an interior designer in Harpenden or in the Hertfordshire area, call me on 07799 285706 or complete my booking consultation form. To find out more about my interior design process start following myInstagram account.

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