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Using Interior Design to increase the VALUE of your property.

Tidying for viewings with small children... untidying almost as fast... is something I remember too well. Moving house can be a stressful experience, so making things as straightforward as possible can really make a difference.

Whatever your reasons for moving, maximising your property value and achieving your asking price is really important.

Many people do not see the benefit in investing into a home they don't want to keep. You may question any outlay on preparing your house for sale, however it can be really worthwhile! Styling your home for potential buyers can make a huge difference in its final selling price.

A few years ago I helped my mother-in-law prepare her house for sale, and was met with resistance when I suggested a few amendments to her home before putting it on the market. Her house benefitted from beautiful but obscured views, and had a tired, dated interior, which would not appeal to buyers.

In the end, the time and effort spent in clearing overgrown hedges, painting walls and the cost involved in fitting a new, neutral carpet paid off... and was recouped when her house went to bids and sold for over her asking price!


So, how can you do this? Understanding your market is a great place to start.

It's important to think about who will buy your home - will it be a family with young children, an older couple, or someone else? Think about what they will be looking for in your property, and make sure you provide that space for them. Keep reading to check out my suggestions on updates for different parts of your home.


This is one of the most important areas in any house! If viewers look at your kitchen and think it needs replacing, they will consider the cost of this when looking at your asking price. Spending time painting units or even replacing the worktop can totally transform your kitchen, and thereby make your property more sellable.


You want to keep your bathroom light, clean and uncluttered.

Some simple but rewarding bathroom changes are a fresh coat of paint, or adding in accessories. Look at the lighting and add mirrors to create more bright space. You could even update your bathroom with new tiles to create a totally fresh look.


Flooring is another area where buyers will look at costs that they will incur or inconveniences they would rather avoid. Upgrading worn out flooring can be well worth it to avoid putting off buyers with the thought of additional costs.

It can be worth installing a neutral carpet throughout, or even a wooden floor if your existing flooring is worn or mismatched. Consistent, complementary flooring throughout your property will help create the feeling of flow and space and make your home more appealing to potential buyers.


Dim interiors are not inviting, so making sure that the lighting in your home is bright is very important.

Look at your lighting and consider ditching old lampshades or adding new lamps to make the space look cosier and more homely. You could even add in mirrors to help spread natural light throughout your home.

And remember, all of this can be taken with you when you leave!


The hallway or lobby is the first space your buyer will see when they open the front door.

You want your hallway to have good lighting and a space to hang your coat and store your shoes without being cluttered. Consider adding a mirror to create extra space, or plants for instant appeal and homeliness. It may be worth getting a new doormat or even a runner if there is space in your hallway.

Once again, be sure to look at your space through the eyes of a buyer.


If your home is cluttered, not only is this visually unattractive, it also gets in the way of people visualising your space as their own, and will make people think that there's not enough space or storage.

Decluttering your home gives a sense of calm and space which will make your home far more attractive to your target market. Moving out is the ideal time to do a clear-out, so that you avoid moving things you don't need, so it's a win-win! I myself have found it really useful in the past to hire a professional for help - @blissfullyorganised offers a great service.


Statistics show that styling a home achieves a higher selling price.

I find a really useful process is to take photos of each room and look at them as if you were a buyer looking at details. What catches your eye? Can you imagine living there? Would the photo make you want to go and view it?

You should now be clear of clutter, so add some nice pieces: candles, vases, mirrors, cushions and lots of plants. Plants are very on trend, add an instant update and make a house look homely and loved. @Hugoandgreen is a local company that specialises in houseplants - both supply and advice - and I can highly recommend giving him a call.

Once again, these are all things you can take with you to your future home, so buy with your new property in mind and it will be a double win!


I offer styling advice as a service for anyone looking to sell. If you're interested in learning more, please get in touch at: Deborah Fitz Interiors 07799285706

This blog was written in collaboration with Ashton's Estate Agents. You can check out their website here.

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